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Dubai Tour 2023 – 18.-23.02 <3

Catch me if you can ..

I will be visiting Dubai from 18th to 23th of February. Let’s have some drinks together at the bar or go to a fancy restaurant. I adore Gentlemen and would love to spend time with you. I am sure I can fulfill your desires. Let the cute blond girl next door and her seductive beauty sweeten up your night :*

My rates:

1 Girl:

4hours – drinks & fun – 5500 AED

6hours – romantic dinner date – 7000 AED

14 hours – pillowfight & breakfast – 11000 AED



*All dates include social time outside the room such as having a drink at the bar, eating at a restaurant or some fun/sport-activity.

*Deposit for new friends.

*Gifts are appreciated but not mandatory.

*I like to drink champagne or white wine and prefer to eat asian or italien food.


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I love sharing personal insights and sexy selfies with you :*

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