Where can I meet you ?

I am currently based in Mannheim, Germany which has really great train connections to Switzerland, Austria, Brussels and France. On top Mannheim is close to the airport Frankfurt. With my german passport I am able to travel almost everywhere I want. Of course all my travel expenses must be covered by you in advance either through a gift card or a bank transfer. I can tell you more about the costs as soon as you let me know the desitination. If you have further questions please include those in your inquiry.

How should I contact you ?

The only way of contacting me for a first time inquiry is by writing an email to datejohanna@gmail.com. I require you to introduce yourself properly and provide all the necessary information on when and where exactly you want to meet me, what you want to do and so on. Also please be open and sincere about your expectations and wishes for our first date. After you paid a security deposit to me we can exchange numbers for a better communication before we finally get to know each other personally.

Are you discreet ?

Of course, a 100 %. All of our communication will take place between us two. Your data is only being used for our meeting and nobody else will know about it. To me, your safety is just as important as mine and I can guarantee you a confidential handling. The time we spend together is special and I want us to be able to trust each other and fully enjoy it.

Do you mind if we have an age gap ?

Absolutely not. Age is nothing but an indicator of life experience and I generally prefer mature men as suitors, who can teach me important things about life, art and culture. I enjoy the respectful, caring manners of a real gentlemen.

How to make me happy..

I am a huge fan of rose champagne as well as gin tonic, green tea and fiji water. My favorite food is italien and asiatic. For sweet i love nougat pralines and exotic fruits. The lingerie of my choice is agent provocateur, Honey Birdette and Bordelle.

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